Concept Creation

Our creative brains embrace decades of developing imaginative ideas working with some of the world's biggest brands.  This combines with innovative thinking by some of the younger members of our team.  It seems scary when we start every project with a blank sheet of paper.  But then you hear the wheels in our respective brains turning, and the creative juices keep them spinning as we develop something tailor made for each new client project.  Striving to stand out, to provide solutions that work.  A great piece of marketing can often be the final piece of the jigsaw for any business or organisation.  From small beginnings can come amazing growth.  It's the law of nature.

We keep our techies out of harms way in a darkened room, until they add some digital magic to our ideas development.  They prefer it that way and like to have a keyboard and screen in front of them at all times.  If they do well, they're allowed to roam around the garden for a few minutes before they're fed with the next brief.  They love it.

Concepts are then shared with you, including draft copy for headlines, body copy, scripts, ads, brochures or whatever we consider will best meet your brief. Nothing moves on until YOU decide you're happy with what we propose.  Minor adjustments, major changes or complete rethinks will then determine what happens next. You're the client.  You're in control.