Creative Scope

Whenever new technology becomes more accessible, there's a risk of not looking beyond the obvious.  Hey, when you can suddenly fly it's quite a thrill!  So we totally get that taking film or still images from above the action adds real drama to any creative project on its own. And that's when thinking out of the box helps avoid getting your head stuck in the clouds.  We always like to do more than the obvious.

It helps when you master the craft of piloting a drone, so a project director is never limited in the scope of creative options available.  The fact that we have two brilliant pilots and two drones in our core team doubles that versatility.  And we can add more as needed.

Unlike other studios, out home venue provides the luxury of on site set options that make most people's hair curl.  A vast tarmacked open space that offers all kinds of external shot possibilities, literally on our doorstep.  And the magnificent Great Nave, where we can fly our drones inside and above the action.

We take high resolution still images and 4K film from our drones, so you can raise your expectations when planning your next project.