Legal Compliance

The technology is new and so is the law.  Clearly, there are obvious issues when operating a mechanical device in a relatively unchartered area of life - right above our heads.

Anyone using a drone for commercial use must have a PfCO certificate from the CAA, along with appropriate insurance.  Standard Photography or Videography Public Liability Cover is not sufficient.

The check list for any drone project in the Manchester area would include: 1.  CAA PfCO certificate in the names of the operating drone pilot.  2.  An Operations Manual in the name of the individual pilot or the drone organisation.  3.  Drone insurance or a cover note from Flock, supported by a certificate on the day detailing flight times.  4.  Authorisation from Manchester Airport Air Traffic Control / NATS registration of intended flight times.

As a standing rule, except when the drone pilot has explicit permission from the CAA, a camera-equipped drone should not be flying within 150m of a 'congested area' (substantially used for residential, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes) or at a public event.

And, as an overriding addition for all TMS drone projects, we add our own rules for observing the privacy of others when filming anything from one of our drones.  Safety and privacy underpin everything we do with our drone filming.