Magic Moments

Augmented reality, or AR, has been around for much longer than most people realise.  We believe that one of the reasons is that many of its uses to date have been less than ambitious, which is to be regretted.  On the other hand, it makes it even more exciting to be able to apply OUR special brand of creative thinking to elevate AR into the realms of genuine magic moments!

More often than not, when we demonstrate one of our augmented reality creations, the result is a barely audible gasp or the use of the word 'Wow'.  People can hardly believe what they've seen.

If that wasn't enough, the incredible bonus from such a reaction is that a recipient of one of our AR creative pieces invariably 'shows it off' to another person, and usually more than one,  It's the old fashioned version of 'share', when you just can't help yourself showing a colleague or friend something amazing that you have discovered for yourself.  For marketers, this is a dynamic phenomenon.  To produce marketing collateral which a recipient is almost guaranteed to share with at least one other person, often many others.  It's a multiplier effect that turns prospects into advocates, and it's unique to this technology.

Creating this digital magic over many years has involved working with the right software and developing ideas for our chosen AR partners.  And we continue to harvest ideas that strive to go further than most everyone else, ensuring that our use of AR technology becomes an enabler for great creative thinking and not just a technological gimmick.

Check out the Video section in our Gallery, and click on Video 5.  The video you'll watch comes to life from an image on a Christmas Card!  Click on Video 3 and you'll see a trailer for a series of Managing Stress videos produced for doctors and patients.  Each video is accessed from a set of four postcards, making it easier to communicate with patients.  Video 11 shows a photo album coming to life, and Video 12 demonstrates how video instructions for a complex piece of domestic equipment can be accessed by a card right next to it.

In our world, we believe that seeing still images come to life will never get old.  Ask for a demonstration, and experience it for yourself.  Just prepare to be amazed.