Post Production

Post Production mostly applies to video, and to a smaller extent, to photography.

For the latter, we will ALWAYS work on selected raw images to provide the result you want.  And if required, we can embellish as you wish, to make things appear, disappear, change colour, or look like whatever your imagination demands.

The skill of the editor for a filming project adds a distinctive style that makes all the difference to the end result.  It becomes more complex where there are multiple cameras but the end result benefits from richer content.

The addition of captions, special effects and even animation adds other layers to the process. Sometimes, with the addition of a voiceover, if the narrative isn't already covered in the filming (e.g. using a spokesperson).  The most important embellishment can often be music.  This sets the emotional context of any filmed project and is very carefully selected in advance of this stage.  In nearly all cases, we'll select library music under a licence appropriate for the intended use. But we can also commission original work, where it's required.

It's not unusual to show you a first cut of the finished product, and continue to make adjustments until you're happy.  You then get an electronic file for video, original retouched images, HTML code for videos streamed from our Vimeo account, or the extra stages required to set up auras for use in augmented reality projects.