When you've approved the creative concept(s), we begin the production process.  To an agreed budget, and an agreed timeline.  Depending on the work, we could be producing artwork for print, undertaking photography, or filming. With one camera, or two, or more.  Operated by real people or robots.  In our studios, in your offices, on location, or high in the sky.  And at every appropriate stage, you get to approve what we're doing.  So you see the artwork before we go to print and you sign it off.  If it's been agreed, we may even provide a proof of the print so that you see how it looks, especially in terms of tones and colours, before a print run is given the green light.

If we're filming or photographing, you're welcome to be there to monitor the process.  You get to see the action the way it's happening, straight through the lens of the camera .

The best ideas require focused execution, or the real creativity is lost.  We're committed to delivering what we promise, and it's right that you become part of that process if you wish to.