Technical Platform

There are a number of augmented reality platforms around, with differing characteristics.  We'll continue to explore their development, and especially new entries to the market.  Currently, we work with HP Reveal, formerly Aurasma.

Developed in Cambridge, England, this incredible application was presented by the amazing Matt Mills in a TED Talk in 2012 that has been viewed more than two and half million times.

Whilst we have introduced the technology to clients who then adopted Aurasma's commercial options, we continue to develop ideas on the free-to-use platform.  That means we can use our unique experience of using the app studio to enable our clients to access the technology without any additional cost.

We always stipulate that our AR work is subject to continuing service from HP Reveal, and the availability of good WiFi or 4G.  The number of similar users of the free HP Reveal service is in high six figures around the world, including many schools and colleges.  We also advise that use of iPhones or iPads are ideal for using the app, although many android smart devices provide equally good compatibility.

Downloading the app is free.  Registering is free and there are NO paid-for upgrades.  Use of the creative applications produced by The Monastery Studios is free too.  We charge only for the creative development and production.